The Ionising Radiation Regulations (IRR99) applies to work and practices that involve artificial radioactive sources, man-made radioactive substances, processing of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) and the operation of X-rays or equipment that emit ionising radiations.

IRR99 stipulate that any employer to comply with these regulations should consult with a Radiation Protection Adviser as part of the employer’s management of radiological protection.

As well as fulfilling the legal requirements stated in the above regulations under Schedule 5, Radwise certified Radiation Protection Advisers can provide support in all areas of radiation protection from: providing authoritative advice to comply with current legislation; producing / amending policies and procedures, auditing of arrangements for compliance to recommending / producing improvement plans or initiatives.

Radwise are also able to offer Health Physicist support either working under our Radwise RPA directions or those specified by the Client’s own RPA(s) or RPA Body.

Radwise can supply Consultancy Personnel that fully integrate into your team, provide a fully flexible satellite team or individual support to manage ad hoc or routine projects.

Our Consultants have a wealth of knowledge including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Providing radiological protection advice in relation to commissioning, operations,  maintenance, decontamination, baseline surveys, land remediation and waste  management
  • Production of sampling programmes for land remediation of contaminated sites
  • Undertaking Radon surveys and interpretation of the results
  • Provision of shielding calculations
  • Production of Radiological Management plans and risk assessments
  • Calculating dose estimates
  • Analysis of dose assessments and producing accompanying ALARP advice
  • Producing inventory assessments of active waste
  • Approval of Radiography plans, procedures and contingency plans
  • Management of environmental surveillance programmes and active laboratory facilities
  • Consignment of radioactive waste in accordance with RAM Transport arrangements
  • Site Characterisation and Waste Management
  • Provision of dosimetry advice
  • Provision of advice with regards to undertaking work in nuclear and non-nuclear  radiological environments
  • Preparation of safety case submissions and strategy documents
  • Generation of BPM, BPEO and ALARP assessments
  • Use, calibration and maintenance of gamma specs.
  • ISOCS modelling
  • Producing nuclear and non-nuclear radiological monitoring programmes
  • Provision of advice and guidance on the selection of radiological protection instrumentation
  • Radiological data analysis (statistics, trends, etc.)