Any Company that has a permit issued to them under the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010, or an authorisation that was issued under the Radioactive Substances Act 1993 with regard to the accumulation or disposal of radioactive waste requires a Radioactive Waste Adviser to be appointed.

A Radioactive Waste Adviser is an individual who has demonstrated their competence in the Environment Agency’s Radioactive Waste Adviser syllabus and is deemed a specialist in radioactive waste disposal and environmental radiation protection.

Radwise certified Radioactive Waste Advisers, Radiation Protection Advisers and Waste Engineers are able to advise and assist in all aspects of radiological waste management. This includes: monitoring, sampling, activity assessments, packaging, and transport arrangements. All of these activities are implemented in accordance with current legislation and best practice. Our team have the ability to carry out BAT/BPM assessments and provide advice and assistance on projects from conception to ensure that all waste is minimised, identified, and segregated to correctly storing and/or packaging the waste for transportation from site.

Radwise are also able to offer Waste Coordinators or Waste Technicians support working under our Radwise Radioactive Waste Adviser’s directions or those specified by the Client’s own RWA or RWA Body.

Radwise can supply Consultancy Personnel that fully integrate into your team, provide a fully flexible satellite team or individual support to manage ad hoc or routine projects.

Our Consultants have experience in the following aspects of Radioactive Waste Management:

  • Radioactive waste management for operational, decommissioning, and project activities
  • Carrying out comprehensive inventories and activity assessments
  • Devising monitoring protocols and clearance monitoring procedures
  • Production of risk assessments
  • Production of BPM/BAT assessments
  • Processing, package and disposal of radiological wastes within the Client’s regulatory stipulations
  • Management and implementation of routine processing and disposal of LLW
  • Management of legacy waste projects
  • EPR10 interpretation and Out of Scope determination
  • Characterisation and disposal of orphan wastes containing other hazardous contaminates
  • Compilation and submittal of legislative returns and reports
  • Safety case support
  • ILW retrieval, inventory compilation and packaging